Adam Stockhausen, Anna Pinnock, Production Design and Set-Decorator

Career background Adam Stockhausen Anne Pinnock

NEWS: Oscar winner’s, Stockhausen and Pinnock on film set and production design.

Adam Stockhausen Adam studied theatre arts and a Masters in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama. His early career remained in theatre with regional and Broadway productions before moving into the world of film. His career started in regional then Broadway theatre where he learnt “a tremendous amount not just about design, but the nuts and bolts of construction. I wouldn’t trade any of it.” before moving into film. Already, in a short space of time, he’s worked on two Oscar winners: Grand Hotel Budapest (Production) and 12 Years a Slave (best film). Grand Hotel Budapest Set Production Design Anna Pinnock Anna has been in the business for thirty years and is a five times Academy Award nominee: Gosford Park, The Golden Compass, Life of Pi and Into The Woods.   Career background Adam Stockhausen Anne Pinnock Career Advice: In an interview with The Arts Shelf  Stockhausen suggests finding people who’s work “you admire and try to work with them at any level you can.” On getting started in production design and art direction he explained how he started drafting small jobs in-between theatre.Eventually the film work took over and became full-time. I started art directing for the production designer Mark Friedberg. He was very helpful and supportive as I made the switch from art direction to design.” Grand Hotel Budapest Set Production Design

It’s a busy life.

Stockhausen only had a few days between filming 12 Years a Slave and his Oscar winner. And, Anna who’s currently working on the latest Bond film was given three days off to attend the Oscars – after all, she did have a two nominations. Pinnock has been in the business for thrity years and has also been up herself before at the Baftas in 2013 for Life of Pi and Bond film Skyfall.


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