Graduate Summer Shows 2014

Ana Jimenez Palomar MA Furniture Design Central St. Martins ArchiLoci 2

Fresh talents emerge as design schools lift the curtains of creativity and reveal the student summer shows.

Ana Jimenez Palomar (above and below), MA Furniture Design, Central St. Martins, presented the The Los Enmascarados, a furniture collection of characters based on iconic Mexican face masks. From left to right are El Diablo (The Devil), who likes to be a prankster, El Viejito (The Old Man) the elderly but masterful dancer, and El Huezquiztle (the Buffoon), who is the life and soul of the party.

Below is her El Doblecara (the Doubleface) set of drawers, with one set of feet firmly on the ground and the others upside down creating a new face and a secret set of drawers.

Ana Jimenez Palomar MA Furniture Design Central St. Martins ArchiLoci

SandraYoukhana_MArch Bartlett Show 2014, Andermatt SwissAlps- ArchiLoci

Above: Sandra Youkhana, MArch Architecture, Bartlett reveals the design potential of the Swiss mountain village , Andermatt, and it’s Zoning Plan and Building Code. The scheme examines the Swiss tendency to inhabit indeterminable types of terrain, communicating an inversion of the valley within the flatness of the valley.

  Songang Zhou, BSc Architecture, Bartlett Show 2014, ArchiLoci

Above: Songang Zhou, BSc Architecture, Bartlett designed a Bio-Algae Suit that provides an oxygen supply to the human body which in turn provides carbon dioxide that feeds algae contained in a network of clear capillaries.

Vitarat Pariyawatakul MA Interior Design RCA ArchiLoci

Above: Vitarat Pariyawatakul, MA Interior Design, RCA, investigates the possibility for a new typology of student accommodation through the re-utilisation of abandoned round gasholder structures that are distributed throughout the metropolitan area.

Nicole Paskauskas BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles 2014 LCFashion ArchiLoci

Above: Nicole Paskauskas BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles, London College of Fashion, designed the masks and accessories in collaboration womenswear students. Mixing organic threads and lambswool yarns with synthetic hair, knots and twists create silvery creatured tentacles and tails that drape faces and cling to flowing fabrics.

Becky Sturgess Paper Quarter BA Architecture Brighton University ArchiLoci

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Above: Becky Sturgess, BSc. Hons Architecture, Part I, Brighton, considers the revival of the forgotten paper industry and its lost communities that were once sited along the River Ouse using the power of the river to turn the mills. The project redevelops the Phoenix industrial estate into a new Paper Quarter, and becomes a new public realm that reconnects the town back to the river edge and surrounding wetlands. 

Nicholas Masterton The AA School ArchiLoci

Above: Nicholas Masterton,  Architectural Association considered outsourced distributed workforces. For a few cents he can assign a task to the crowd of the internet and watch as legions of cheap and willing workers compete to carry out his human intelligence tasks, which involve photographing their workspace, documenting their days and recording their most intimate fears and desires.

Sarah_E_Blake BA Fashion UCA 2014 ArchiLoci

Above: Sarah Blake, BA (Hons) Fashion, University for the Creative Arts (UCA). Entitled ‘We’re running away with the circus’, The collection is based on the juxtaposition of the delight of childhood dreams and a darker reality of 1930s circus life. Silk organza, chiffon, power mesh and denim mix celebratory luxury and everyday basics reflecting the design concept.

Paige Cartledge, New Designers 2014, ArchiLoci

Above: Paige Cartledge, London College of Communication, UAL, designed a printed set of illustrated wallpaper inspired by her obsession with natural history museum and its taxidermy displays. The collection went on to win the Tigerprint Award at New Designers 2014.



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