How to write a winning CV for Architects and Designers

How to write a architects and Interior Designers

There are many ways to write and format a CV these days with no one particular right way.

But you feel it’s time to seek out that next career move and right now you are looking at a blank sheet of paper. Where do you start?

Here are a few suggestions to help get the ball rolling and find the right way for you.

Include a meaningful statement at the top

It’s often much better to be straight to the point about what you can do instead of scribing poetic and architectural ideals. Try condensing your skills into a snappy headliner, e.g. Senior Architect, with ten years experience of rail and transport on builds in excess of £10B for international practices in U.K.and Asia. Think about how you can help and what you can do for a business.

Career highlights or aims

List bullet points covering major accomplishments and expertise.  Designers often list just projects but vital skills also include people management, versatility and business acumen as well. Weed out your best selling points and shine a spotlight on them at the top of your resume.


Your CV is a sample of style and ability, not a portfolio – that comes later.

A PDF speaks a thousand words

Designers are fortunate in this. However, a common CV mistake is packing everything in the hope that something will hopefully hook the bait. Your CV is a sample of style and ability, not a portfolio – that comes later.

Social and web links

Links are great for expanding the CV highlights. Blow up any points on LinkedIn’s Portfolio and Twitter is great for adding a human voice – so long as it’s  professional and clean. Web links also provide easy access to additional 3D media such as fly-throughs and  project films.

Honesty, clarity and responsibility

Trust is key to conveying the right message. Be honest about what you did and didn’t do on your recent projects.  Specifics such as ‘Responsible for FF& E, space planning and code compliance within an agreed design concept’  helps recruiters.  Any over-stretching is always quickly unearthed, leaving an unwanted negative impression. Clarity  too, speaks volumes. A consistent complaint about CV’s is that they are too long winded. People like 2 -3 pages, with clear, concise sentences.

Sector experience

This is always useful as client’s brief recruiters by it and database short lists are filtered by it. But don’t assume that because you mentioned in the career highlights that it’s then self explanatory for each role and employer.  Make your expertise pop out by listing it under each employer too. Not everyone who reads your CV knows that John Doe Studio’s specialise in your sector.

Above and beyond the paid 9am-5pm working week?

Are you active in any outside industry organisations, committees, conferences, think-tanks, charities, memberships? Extra circular’s show a genuine passion, and in the design game, that’s often half the battle.





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