Nice Day at The Office

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Excerpt Riba Journal: Work will lose its negative connotations in the offices of the future, which will be designed around the wellbeing of users, so Apple’s new HQ shows

Apple Park: our experience of a workplace is linked to the building's relationship with nature.
Apple Park: our experience of a workplace is linked to the building’s relationship with nature.


With rapid progress being made in communication technology, the workplace of the future is evolving fast. Technological breakthroughs, automation, demographics, shifts in economics and climate are all contributing to this. As technology integrates more with our daily lives, new opportunities for flexibility arise, making a shift from traditional employment models. Why not work from home, on the go, or from a remote destination? Recent trends surely support this idea, and with the increasingly popular ‘people cloud concept’,  the ability of an individual to market their skills to a wider audience online has increased considerably. Read more at Riba Journal…

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