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Miree on her story so far…

“Do you take sugar with that?” A very British phrase often heard as we take a break from our daily chores. And one that intrigued RCA interiors student Mi Ree Kwon when she first arrived in the UK. Observing how carefully we deliberated and memorised exactly just how much sugar, strong or weak the symbolic beverage should be led her to question food’s role with our identity.

Another observation was that the Korean restaurants here might share the same named dishes but taste completely different. She began cooking her own traditional dishes sourcing ingredients from the local markets in New Malden (known as the Korea of the UK). It was these two experiences that started the idea of  ‘food’ and ‘home’ and how architectural interiors can integrate cultures through these two entities.

On her story behind ‘Coexistence’…

Tasty Home: We Invite You’, in Margate is a proposed live / work kitchen community for 22 families from a range of different countries. Comprised of renovated private dwellings spread across four floors it also houses communal spaces, shared gardens and farm areas. The project aims to ease the social issues associated with integration.

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By going beyond the idea of just traditional food markets Tasty Home will open its doors once a week and invite the public into its communal kitchen dining areas. The idea is to share and unite cultures through cooking in a personal and intimate home environment. Food, especially home-cooked meals, will become the ignition of debate, intimate conversation, relationships and above all, taste!

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On the next stage of her career journey…

I would love to propose new activities or services that help improve people’s daily experiences and lifestyles. Contributing back to societies by suggesting human scaled architecture interiors projects fascinates me. And I’d also like to continue my exploration of spatial design in cultures – so who knows where that could take me next!

Mi Ree studied MA Interior Design at The Royal College of Arts. 


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