Review of Best Visual CV sites

A review of the best visual CV sites ArchiLoci

Representing your personal brand visually online has never been so popular or effective as it is right now; especially for interior designers, architects and fashion designers. With more and more recruiters responding positively to a visual CV that includes imagery and interactive elements, it’s now time to being thinking about creating an online destination that sets you apart from the rest as part of your job search.

Here’s our list of what’s on offer in the digital world to help you produce a curriculum vitae that will take your job search up to another level.


1) VisualCV ( allows you to choose a template, embed video, images and presentations. You can also add links to all your digital footprints and make your profile as private or public as you want. Your own personalized url makes it easy for you to share with your networking contacts, employers and recruiters. It’s also a fantastic way of creating Google rankings and it can be executed in a PDF file version too. Click here ( for an example of an architect’s online visual CV generated via this tool and don’t forget to check out the very cool, 3D Cutaway column.

2) For interior designers and fashion designers, Vizualize me ( offers a one page infographic option where you can pull in data from your LinkedIn account, all with minimum effort. From here you can customize your creative solutions the way you want them to be displayed. This free service also allows you to create custom urls so potential employers can view your work, right there and then. If you’re multilingual, utilize the language map in order to highlight your abilities and add your work history to the Experience timeline.

3) If social media is the way forward for your design, architecture or fashion CV, Cooper Mustachethemes ( offers a wide-ranging social menu. Its built in blog is designed for avid bloggers so it’s very suitable for writers and it also offers a section to list clients and a number of ways to view your portfolio. Although the design of the page appears somewhat ‘blocky’ (which actually may appeal to others) it’s incredibly user friendly and that’s what every creative requires.

4) For a simple, no frills, visual CV, look, no further than ( This is geared around showcasing you and your personal work in simple, regular, single page layout; ideal for a basic set up and ideal for a blog style CV. Simply upload past work history add external links, video (YouTube) photos and other visual media. Other standard modules encompass use for social media sites such as Soundcloud, Tumblr and YouTube.


More recruiters responding positively to a visual CV that includes imagery and interactive elements.

5) You can choose from a number of different templates at Wix ( when creating your visual CV for your digital job hunting expedition. What’s better is that it offers templates directed towards photographers, the creative arts sector (actors, artists, authors, writers, illustrators, architects, interior designers, fashion designers and web designers) so you can really get niche with your design that suits your industry. Get down to the nitty gritty by adding details such as client testimonials or design your own business cards in conjunction with your site. Oh, and it’s free.

6) Re.Vu. Another resume creator that’s free of charge is Re.Vu ( This is perfect if you wish to build an infographic CV. You can weave in data from your LinkedIn profile, monitor your traffic from an analytical approach and choose from a host of compelling visual designs. Step up your job search by presenting your career highlights, testimonials and interests as you deem appropriate. Upload work or create links so headhunters will be all over your personal brand in no time.

7) LinkedIn ( have recently transformed the careers of many designers, artists and other creatives thanks to their latest feature allowing work examples to be uploaded to individual professional profiles. As there is no limit to how much you wish to upload, you can showcase everything from portfolio imagery to presentations and videos. As this addition appears in thumbnail format, future employers browsing your profile are able to flick through your work, all day and all night long.

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8) Mobile friendly, ( exists as a personal landing page offering a vast selection of customization options perfect for a highly unique CV. An image provides the backdrop to your home page while additional links reveal information when those eyeballing your pages are inspired to click, click and click again. Although it’s currently free, a $20 a year upgrade will provide you with page statistics so you can track traffic, even more design options, a mobile site and a traditional url.




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