The Future For Architects

Alistair Parvin and Daniel Susskind  Architecture  Talk at Design Museum YourStoree

Join a panel discussion and talk from Daniel Susskind and Alastair Parvin on the need for new models for practice in the 21st century. Presenting their works with Farshid Moussavi and Will Hunter the open debate will look at the pace of change – in particular the rise of digital technologies and how it presents as many challenges as it does opportunities.

Many architects feel that the professional community is in flux; in recent decades, architects have become increasingly marginalised in the construction process, with their traditional functions being usurped by others and with fierce competition causing lower fees.

Susskind’s talk explains how, in an internet society, ‘increasingly capable systems’ will undermine professional monopolies and change the way that specialist knowledge is made available.

While Alastair Parvin reports from the frontline of that digital revolution, discussing 00’s work advancing open source design and production, and speculating upon what the economy might look like both for design professionals and also for citizens in the future.

Venue:Design Museum, Monday 3rd March. Tickets include entry to the Designs of the Year exhibition before the talk begins. Doors will open at 18:15. 

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